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Twines x Leilo

Leilo is the next big hack at prep school.

What is “Leilo”?

Let’s start from the beginning. A couple months ago, we were introduced to a group of Columbia students who not only had a unique product to show us, but whose founder attended a Founder’s League school only a few years back. He pitched Leilo as a healthy and new-age means to kick back and relax after classes; a product which has a nice little effect without the drawbacks of high sugar or calories. Non-alcoholic and all-natural, Leilo delivers a really solid and tangible sensation that’ll give you flashbacks of chilling on the beach, even if you’re stressed from grinding out math homework in your room.

We were skeptical at first--it sounds like a gimmick. But the Leilo boys hooked us up and promised the product would speak for itself. Well, it did. The flavors taste genuinely good and the active ingredients make your tongue tingle pretty quickly after drinking. The effect was definitely unique and new to us, but there’s no doubt it’s legit. Some of us felt the effects faster than others because apparently, Leilo has reverse tolerance so you feel the effects more and more as your body grows accustomed to the kava (the active ingredient). After our third or fourth cans, we were feeling it almost immediately.

You may be asking, how does it work?

According to them: “Leilo is an all-natural, carbonated supplement that provides non-alcoholic relaxation. It delivers a real effect using kava and l-theanine so you can chill when you need to most. Compared to other ways of unwinding, Leilo is a more sustainable and healthy way to take the edge off. At 40 calories, it’s relaxation made responsible.

The main active ingredient in Leilo is kava, a root native to the South Pacific. The Pacific Islanders have safely enjoyed kava for thousands of years for its relaxing properties. Kava is growing in popularity in the US with over 180 active kava bars, and is also compliant with boarding school policies. 18+ recommended.”

Intriguing, we thought, as so many kids fall victim to strict school policies against alcohol and drugs while just trying to have a good time. Leilo is perfect for this environment, as it can be purchased, shipped, and consumed completely legally on all prep school campuses. We figure a product that helps relieve daily stressors, tastes good, and is legal under school rules will be ideal for prep school students.

Our one complaint was the price--it’s definitely not cheap. But, after some discussion with the Leilo team, they recognized the huge potential of their cans on prep school campuses. We want to get Leilo into each one of your hands, so we have a couple big announcements to share.

We are excited to announce that we have officially partnered with Leilo for numerous giveaways, events, and a promo code for 20% off (TWINES) to give everyone the chance to try. They’ve just launched three new great flavors in addition to the lemon ginger OG: Tango Berry, Raspberry Hibiscus, and Blackberry Orange. Personally, I think Tango Berry is the best, but my opinion means nothing, so you should definitely pick up a couple packs yourself and @ us if you disagree.

For our first giveaway, we’ll be giving out free Leilo at the schools that make it to the final four of the Twines & Vines Bracket Challenge. More information will be coming soon, but make sure to push your school into the final four if you want to get some free Leilo on your campus.

Simply put, we believe in this product wholeheartedly, and we think it is the future of chilling out at prep school. While the coffee fiends at your school may be appalled that Leilo lacks the caffeine of a La Colombe, kava root is known to improve cognitive function while calming you down at the same time. Just think, you can now decompress after study hall without worrying about proctors or dorm parents--you might even invite them to try a Leilo and chill together. No chance I would, but to each their own. Point is: Leilo’s a game changer, and we think it’s about time for you all to try the chilled choice of prep school.

Interested yet? We are. In fact, I’m drinking one right now. You should too. Use promo code TWINES for 20% off!

Order here:

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