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The Prep School Dining Experience (Part I)

October 16, 2018

Disclaimer: This is entirely based on user submissions, so big ups to some kids at Loomis, Taft, Deerfield, Hotchkiss, and Choate for responding to our story and describing their dining experiences.


At Twines and Vines, we are dedicated to creating a platform for prep school kids to interact and bond through common issues and experiences. Therefore, this week’s article will be ranking how terrible each prep school’s food is and how nice their dining halls are... except Loomis’.


A pretty standard dining hall, nothing special about it. Seems to be fairly big, tables can fit a decent amount of people. They have formal sit-down meals six days a week, but what would you expect, it’s Deerfield. Side note: according to the architecture company’s website, it only cost two and a half million dollars to construct. Is Deerfield starting to cut corners?

Dining Hall: 7/10

As far as prep school food goes, Deerfield seems to have top tier food. While a few students said it was inconsistent, and, “when it’s good, it’s good” it seemed to have a positive response overall. In fact, one student even went as far as to say it is “outstanding”. You know who you are, fuck you. That’s a lie.

Food: 8/10


Holy fuck. Hands down the nicest dining hall I have seen from a prep school. Although having to eat a semi-formal dinner with faculty members twice a week kinda blows, but at least it allows the faculty to get real intimate with students. Really nothing more to say, other than if you think your school has a better dining hall, DM us pics and make a case.

Dining Hall: 9/10

According to Taft students, the food is “not bad” and specifically, the “pizza is fire”. One ~foodie~ in Watertown deliciously described the food as “seasoned”. Honestly, I don’t really give a fuck that the food is seasoned, but I’m happy for you, whoever you are.

Food: 7/10


From what I can gather, seems like a fairly nice dining hall, but pretty limited seating and apparently huge lines. Also, according to some comments, the cups are rarely washed, which is kinda gross. One kid said it’s going to be completely renovated in the next five years, but that won’t help the chicken problem you’ll see next.

Dining Hall: 7/10



“Drier than the Sahara desert”

All I’m getting is that there’s a HUGE issue with the chicken. It’s not cooked, and according to a follower: “the chicken is so raw, a skilled doctor could bring it back to life”. To make matters worse, it’s reportedly served six times a week. Kids drop like flies. However, one student seems to truly enjoy the food, writing: “please kill me” and: “people get stomach infections from the chicken." Nice.

Food: a generous 2/10.


Not going to lie, one of the nicer dining halls out there. Pretty spacious with a nice interior and exterior aesthetic. The hardwood floors and tables give it a nice feel, and there are no major complaints from the students.

Dining Hall: 8/10

Firstly, Meatless Mondays sound beat as fuck. I’m under the impression that the food has been historically bad, with a few alums saying it needed work when they were there. We got a lot of “better than Deerfield” and “mediocre” submissions, with few responses on what the actual food was, so I honestly could not tell you what the fuck they are serving over there.  

Food: ?/10


Loomis has been renovating their dining hall since the ‘80s, and it’s still not done. They eat in a gym. I don’t know about you, but I’m curious to try some morning cereal with a hint of pubescent armpit. Yum.

Dining Hall: 0/10

The actual food they serve doesn’t seem to be much better than the location itself. Some inspiring reviews from kids included “shit,” and “not very good.” Also, let’s just go back to the fact that they eat in a GYM.

Food: 4/10

So there you have it, finally, our first ranking of prep school dining experiences. If you think your school did too poorly, too well, or is just fully not included, send us a message and let us know. The food and dining hall at your school may be terrible, but remember, there’s always a school out there that’s got it worse.

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