Teebox Tales: The Stanley Cup (Hotchkiss)

The game of golf is a beautiful worldly leisure dating back to the 15th-century. It brings strangers together, uniting them as a group taking on the slopes and hazards that Mother Nature thrusts upon them. While on the course, my own personal endeavors in prep-school golf competition have paired me with some interesting people. The stories I hear out on the course can be wild. These are my Teebox Tales:

The Stanley Cup

Last spring, I was feeling good. I just got an A on a big history paper. Summer was on the horizon. I was golfing as if I was on crack. The day of my final golf match for the season had arrived. I had been playing like such a pimp that I was the #1 seed for the afternoon. In my mind, I planned to just be locked in and go through the motions, put up a good score as quickly as possible and bounce to go get some pizza after the quick nine. But, my first tee shot was humbling; a dead slice right into the trees. At that point, my mojo was gone. Something needed to uplift me from my sorrowful state. I needed something inspiring, something that highlighted creativity and amazement. Little did I know I would find this in the story I was soon about to hear. This is the tale of a Salisbury School triumph.

Picture this: a group of hockey boys, each three years too old for their grade, chilling in their dorm, dipping and dreaming of earning a few thousands bucks playing semi-professional hockey in a random province of Canada. One of the guys brings up the idea, “Let’s take all of our dip tins and make a Stanley Cup.” The room lights up with a bunch of low-pitch, raspy yuhs and everyone says “that’d be sick”. You couldn’t imagine such dedication from low-IQ hockey players at a bottom-tier New England prep school, but within minutes, they all rack up their trove of tins and form hockey’s most prestigious trophy. I saw a picture and trust me, it resembles the real thing in so many ways. It is a spectacle.

This is a story of true teamwork and creativity. From prep school’s stereotypical “dumb jocks”, hearing about them making such a creation in such little time was truly inspiring. This was an uplifting story resembling human uniqueness and its ability to innovate regardless of intelligence levels. I was truly inspired, so after the shitty match, I went back to my room and took a fucking nap. I was out stone-cold. And I dreamt. The story I heard inspired me to redream my own dreams. This wouldn’t have been possible without my time on the course, playing with fellow prep school brethren absorbing and sharing stories. When you have the opportunity to connect and listen to kids from other schools, take it in and be inspired: you never know what you’re gonna get.

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