Taft Student Responds to Controversy at Hotchkiss

November 11, 2018

This open letter, submitted on the website, has been edited for content and clarity.


Dear Boarding School Community, I am writing you from the hellish depths of Watertown, CT. Not too long ago I ran through the halls as an innocent, mischievous freshman looking up to those who had fought proudly in the past. As Hotchkiss day approached during freshman year, chirps flew left and right like the sexual abuse allegations at Hotchkiss. It was blissful seeing the hatred but respect between the two student bodies. Now, as I enter my senior year, everything--school spirit, excitement, and intensity--is lacking, but the only thing that has changed during my time is the administrations of both institutions. It is my right to be called a pussy and to then respond that I fucked their mom (even if their mother is a faculty member). Now, in this age of hypersensitivity, not even my fellow countrymen will rally behind me. There is only a small minority of students left who have not been brainwashed by this administration, and those students’ freedom of expression has been suppressed by those who should honestly just stay out of it (like teachers).

Now, all that is left of this rivalry is the fact that at one point, there was one. This issue transcends the de facto prisons in which we reside. This is a much greater issue. The only use of this rivalry in its current state is for girls to post pictures on Instagram with the caption “Huck Fotchkiss”. This is a travesty. However, I must ask, are we, as students, to blame for lack of school spirit? The last thing I need to hear again is, “Remember guys, cheer for our team, not against the other” from a washed up English teacher. It is not my fault that certain teachers didn't have fun when they were in high school, and now want us to have zero fun because of it. I argue it is not our generation that is to blame, but the generation of soft, overprotective control freaks that head the administration of both schools. With all this being said, Taft is by far a superior institution compared to Hotchkiss in regards to booling and the fact that we are safe from our choir teachers. It is a fact that this rivalry is currently a severely limp dick. Let’s get it back up again.

Sincerely, La Resistance

Post Scriptum: This is written in solidarity to those Hotchkiss students who are getting "Hotchkissed" by their administrators. After all, we may wear different colors, but we deal with the same bullshit. Also, to those who attend other schools, specifically Deerfield and Choate, don’t lie to yourself by saying your rivalry is the same as it once was. It has turned into a pathetic spectacle, focused increasingly on the perception of the rivalry instead of a school wide uniting experience against one common enemy.

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