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Prep School Traditions Part I (November 2018)

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

November 30, 2018

A little while back we asked our fans on Instagram what they think the best tradition is at their school. We got a lot of responses, many of which were pretty standard traditions you’ll find at most schools. Here, we'll highlight a few traditions in particular that were either ridiculously over the top, or downright weird. In no particular order, here are some of the best responses we heard:

1. “Keeper-- 12 seniors that dress in all black and scare the shit out of freshmen” -Miss Porters

We all know that one freshman who, whether warranted or not, shows up on the first day of school with a little grin on their face, walks too confidently, and looks just a little too  comfortable in their entirely new surroundings. They walk around acting like they’ve been there for two years already, and it pisses you off. This is the perfect way to fix that, not only is the name “keeper” dope, but scaring the freshman should be exactly what a prep school needs more of.

2. “On finals week, a bathtub of soda gets put in front of our library” -Andover

Not gonna lie here, I’m a little confused. Is it a bathtub full of soda? Or, a bathtub full of free sodas? These are two very different ways to interpret it, but either way it’s pretty fire. In both situations you’re getting free soda which is nice, and in one situation there’s just a bathtub of fucking open soda in front of the library, which may be stupid, but it’s the tradition we all need.

3. “Every May, we scream ‘mayo’ at a specific time at dinner for Mayo in May” -Hotchkiss

Gotta be honest here chief, this is ridiculous. So many questions. To start off, why mayo? I understand that it’s a useful condiment, but in what situation did someone think that it was necessary to make a tradition for? Regardless, it’s strange but still pretty amusing; we'll give it a pass.

4. “Senior kiss day. For $1, seniors go around and give lowerclassmen kisses that have purchased one.” -Loomis

Wow. This one is suusss. Lotta questions with this tradition as well. Is this legal? It basically sounds like prostitution to me, and even if it’s completely legal, surely the school doesn’t endorse it, right? I mean, for lowerclassmen, it’s probably pretty nice to get kisses from senior girls, but still, is it not creepy? All in all, it’s questionable as to whether this tradition should exist, but hey, at least it’s promoting “interclass bonding”. It’s also a great excuse for kids to post on Instagram, so of course it's a popular tradition.

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