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Is Tuck Sty? (Hotchkiss)

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Throughout history, prep schoolers across the northeast have been plagued with the age old question: to tuck or not to tuck. Summer lax is officially over and your ankles are beginning to get chilly. While your Mom may have packed away your pastels and chubbies for the winter, you still have your trusty mid calves on hand. Summer steez doesn’t have to end quite yet.

On a frigid morning in early October, you fish into your drawer, looking for the whitest pair of mid calves you own. In the reflection of your roommates full size mirror, you check your tuck job. Too loose - you’ll look dusty as shit. Too tight - you’ll look like a pilgrim. Everyone knows the rules.

When you leave the dorm, your confidence is rock solid. You're bumping the new SR3MM album and the hot girl from your math class just waved. Life is good. However, as you enter the dining hall to munch some chow, everyone seems to be staring at your cankles. Your confidence slowly depletes until you finally run to the bathroom and untuck the sweats. Maybe you aren’t cool enough to pull them off. Or maybe, just maybe, tucked sweats are just plain gross.

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