Hotchkiss vs Taft (2018)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

November 15, 2018

Last Saturday wrapped up an intense week in which the greatest prep school rivalries were put on display. In the week leading up to it, the prep school community tossed insults left and right at their most hated opposition, and while the real battle was on the playing fields, a small victory was to be won in the comment sections, on the meme pages, on “psych cards”, and even on the bed sheets. In this article Twines and Vines will be recapping each rivalry day, while also reviewing the trash talk and meme wars preceding it. Note: there were some controversies with the results this weekend, as some schools have disparities in their scoring system. We posted a poll this week asking whether JV sports should count for rival days, the result was an exact 50/50 split... so that didn’t really help.

Hotchkiss vs Taft

Taft and Hotchkiss is another classic rivalry that also ended with a questionable result. Similar to the situation with Choate and Deerfield, the confusion has been caused by lack of clarification on the scoring system. On this day, Taft came away with a clear win when only factoring in sports not including cross country, who were away competing with Taft and many others at Avon in New Englands. In the end, it finished 6-2-3 for Taft, or a 6-6-3 tie between them when including cross country. Many kids from Hotchkiss sent us messages explaining that before the day it was clarified that cross country would count, however, just as many Taft kids responded claiming this was false, and that only varsity sports, not including cross country, count. These schools are just bending whatever unstated rules they can, in an attempt to claim the win or tie, and will continue unless the rules are clarified. So, honestly, we’re not exactly sure which team won this day, or Deerfield vs Choate day, you decide.

There was some huge controversy surrounding Hotchkiss and its spirit week this year, with a Taft student admitting it happens at all prep schools these days (check past articles to read about this). This made for an even more intense matchup between the two, leading to some creative chirps and impressive pranks. These are the highlights:

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