Hotchkiss Spirit Week Controversy

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

(Submitted by an anonymous Hotchkiss student)

November 6, 2018

Ok, let me start off by saying that this entire situation is dumb as fuck.

Now, since I got that out of the way, let me explain how the school is making a shit show out of spirit week. At Hotchkiss, we have this tradition where everyone prints out funny pictures or memes roasting Taft or making little jokes about teammates, and we put them up in main hallway. We call them “psych cards,’ they cover all the walls in main hallway and are awesome. Obviously teachers have been taking down the really fucked up ones for years, so okay, that’s understandable. But, this year the school has been on some bullshit and decided that they were gonna have our school spirit group, Blue and White committee, collect them and stamp the appropriate ones before hanging them up in main hallway. They’re not just censoring them for cursing, porn, etc, they are stopping anything that they think could be taken badly. No more bashing Taft, period. We had a floor mat in front of the dining hall every year saying “Taft, wipe your feet” and they took it down. I mean, come on. IT’S A FUCKING JOKE. I will cut my own dick off if you can show me one person from Taft who was offended by that. And, even if they were, who cares? If you get mad over your rival school making a joke about your school, you’re a bitch. That’s it.

Also, we have a tradition that every year the night before Taft day we burn this cardboard rhino; the whole school comes and it’s a time. Guess what? That’s over now too. But hey, it’s okay, we just “want to keep with the best practices with other boarding schools” and I guess this is what you have to do. That’s sarcasm, by the way. (For anybody from Taft reading this, if you can read, just look up the definition of sarcasm and I swear you’ll understand what I’m saying.)

Also, if you got offended by that, you’re a bitch. Ok, moving on. We have another tradition of Taft day shirts, I would explain what those are but if you can’t figure it out then you must go to Taft. They always bash Taft, and they’re funny, it’s great and most of the student body will buy one. So, this year there are some great submissions, like usual, and Blue and White (the spirit club) submitted them to the teachers for review. Guess what? They were nixed (another good word to look up Tafties). So now we have a Taft day shirt that just says: “Taft Day 2018: ‘nough said.” How fucking soft is that? I honestly feel like this entire school is a fucking Charmin ultra-soft commercial. It’s bullshit. And it’s not like nobody is saying anything.

Somebody made an Instagram account @hotchkiss_memes (give it a follow for a good time), and has been posting funny shit making fun of how soft the school is (and roasting Taft, of course). So this account posted one meme making a joke about a teacher whose sister is allegedly a pornstar. And guess what the school did. They called in every student who liked the post and made them write a self-reflection for 45 minutes thinking about what they had done. For liking a fucking Instagram meme. Is this a joke?

I don’t go to the school I enrolled in. We’re all living at a strict daycare center. Everything is bullshit, I don’t even know how I’m supposed to react to this. Like I would switch schools but what are my other options? Taft? No fucking way. So fuck this no chance, no fun, marshmallow-ass school.

‘nough said.

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