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Groton vs St. Marks / Proctor vs Holderness (2018)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

November 16, 2018

Last Saturday wrapped up an intense week in which the greatest prep school rivalries were put on display. In the week leading up to it, the prep school community tossed insults left and right at their most hated opposition, and while the real battle was on the playing fields, a small victory was to be won in the comment sections, on the meme pages, on “psych cards”, and even on the bed sheets. In this article Twines and Vines will be recapping each rivalry day, while also reviewing the trash talk and meme wars preceding it. Note: there were some controversies with the results this weekend, as some schools have disparities in their scoring system.

Groton vs St. Marks

In another rivalry featuring two small schools, the end result was extremely close and came down to just a few games. This scoring system awards wins for sub-varsity sports, including cross country. The biggest highlights of the day came from Boys Varsity soccer, which Groton won in a 2-0 battle, while St. Marks Girls soccer ended with an exciting 4-2 win. However, Groton varsity football won comfortably 28-0. To pull them back, St. Mark’s Varsity cross country won 33-23, and their varsity field hockey won 1-0. An interesting tradition Groton and St. Marks have is the “traditional raccoon coat”, awarded to the school with the most overall wins each year by the headmaster of the prior winner. Last fall, St. Marks won this coat, made of actual raccoon fur, and was looking to repeat but came up short, losing the day 6-7. Temba Maqubela, Groton's headmaster, should be expecting the coat soon.

Holderness vs Proctor

It may be one of the smaller rivalries, as it is between two schools that have a shared student body of only 640 students, but it is an important one nonetheless. The scoring system for these schools awards a full point for any win (including cross country), sub-varsity included (also mountain biking, which is about the most Proctor and Holderness thing there is), and half a point to each team for a tie. In this matchup, there were a lot of ties, four of them in Girls JV and Varsity soccer, along with Boys JV2 (assuming that means thirds or freshman) and another in JV field hockey. Because of these ties, Proctor ended with only one full win, while Holderness ended with 5 wins. With their scoring system, that ultimately made the overall score 7-3 for Holderness.  

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