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Choate vs Deerfield (2018)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

November 15, 2018

This Saturday wrapped up an intense week in which the greatest prep school rivalries were put on display. In the week leading up to it, the prep school community tossed insults left and right at their most hated opposition, and while the real battle was on the playing fields, a small victory was to be won in the comment sections, on the meme pages, on “psych cards”, and even on the bed sheets. In this article Twines and Vines will be recapping each rivalry day, while also reviewing the trash talk and meme wars preceding it. Note: there were some controversies with two of the results this weekend, as the scoring systems have yet to be clarified. We posted a poll this week asking whether JV sports should count for rival days, the result was an exact 50/50 split... so that didn’t really help.

Choate vs Deerfield

This rivalry is arguably the most heated and hyped up of them all, these two schools hate each other with a burning passion, and it lived up to expectations. However, it came with some controversy as to whether Choate won, or both schools tied. It all comes down to the differences in the scoring systems between the two schools. Choate is claiming that they won because, when only counting varsity sports, the result was 4-1-1 in their favor. However, Deerfield believes the final result was a 5-5 tie (with one draw) because they count all levels of sports including JV and thirds. A few highlights that many students insisted I include, was the absolute fucking of Deerfield football, ending 44-8 in Choate’s favor (did you expect anything else honestly?), Choate volleyball’s come from behind win, after being down 2 sets and rallying back in front of an absolutely massive crowd. While Deerfield did not have many varsity highlights, they did notch a huge 8-0 in Varsity field hockey, which is seeded 6th going into playoffs.

The trash talk between these two schools was insane leading up to Saturday, with chirps being tossed left and right in the comment sections (@Lexington) and bed sheets, and kids bringing the heat on theme days. Here are the some of the highlights:

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