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Celebrity Prep School Grad of The Week: Morgan O'Connor

While technically not a prep school grad (we'll get into that in a moment), Morgan is something of a prep school legend. President Trump, himself, even admitted he'd pay millions for Morgan's locks.

Allegedly Morgan got one strike at Pomfret for a academic integrity case regarding some Latin translations. There's no such thing as a third strike when you're caught fooling around with an academic record. Rumor is that MOC was caught in the sheets with a classmate and was dismissed from the school.

Rumors flew as MOC became the Great Gatsby of Newport, rumored to have chartered a helicopter to arrive at a party in style. Summers blended into winters as Morgan would retreat to Palm Beach or St. Barthes to boat through the winter months while his former classmates at Pomfret toiled away. During this extended summer vacation, as he tells in the video below, Morgan was scouted to model for Polo Ralph Lauren.

Life didn't suck for Morgan, and he didn't even graduate prep school. MOC was cited in many articles for simultaneously dating Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan in their primes. Safe to say that this dude was a legend.

After a few court cases over 6-figure art pieces and some scuffles, Morgan has laid low. For the past few years, he's been diligently working on 'acoustic trap.' Check out his latest interview here.

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