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Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week: George W. Bush

November 25, 2018

And this week our Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is...

George W. Bush, Phillips Andover '64.

Many reports indicate that W squeaked in at PA. At the time, their acceptance rate straddled 20%. It didn't hurt that he was a legacy, considering George H. W. Bush graduated in '42. Like most average students at prep school, George excelled at athletics earning three varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball. One memoir noted that W became so angry at a basketball referee that he chucked the ball at an opposing player's face. His coach promptly benched Bush, however you have to wonder what would happen if this occurred in 2018. Perhaps the opposing school required a handwritten apology letter? Or maybe even a lawsuit filed because you knocked Chad's tooth out? How soft are we now, when discipline must supersede the men in the arena?

We also had to laugh at the fact that Bush was head cheerleader at Phillips Academy. Maybe time hasn't changed PA all that much after all...

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