Addy Myths (Exeter)

Picture this: It’s Tuesday, around two in the morning, you have your AP Bio exam in six hours, and you haven’t done a single homework assignment since October. You look at your desk and see a little orange pill sitting there, with the word Adderall inscribed in tiny letters. A few hours ago, before the dorm faculty ordered you back to your room, you begged your friend for help, and after your pleas became too much for him to bare, he gave you that Adderall to take. Now you pick it up, and think should I do it? But before you take that pill, let me enlighten you to some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding Adderall, and its counterparts (Ritalin, Vyvanse, etc.).

1. It makes you smarter

This is probably the most common myth about Adderall. From first hand experience, if Adderall made you smarter, I’d be the next Einstein. I take enough ADD medication per day to kill a horse. Adderall changes the chemicals in your brain not to make you smarter, but to lengthen your attention span and increase your productivity. So if you’re thinking about popping that Addy right now, remember that, unfortunately, it’s not just going to magically make you smart, you still have to study. Sorry.

2. It gives you energy

Look, I’m gonna give it to you straight: you go to prep school, your morning is spent in classes, your afternoon in sports, and your night doing homework; don’t expect a sudden burst of energy after taking some meds. It’s prep school, having energy is about as unrealistic as eating good dining hall food.

3. You feel better after taking it

If you like staring deeply at walls, watching LED lights flicker, or observing the different lines on a wooden table: strap in, and get ready for the ride of your life. Bottom line: Adderall isn’t something you’re gonna have fun with. When you take Adderall it is solely for the purpose of getting shit done, and when you’re done doing that shit, your mind is going to focus hard on something else. In most cases, this means you start uncontrollably focusing on absolutely nothing, sometimes it’s a table, sometimes a flickering light, regardless, it’s not a great time.

4. There’s no such thing as too much

You can ask my buddy Dave about this one. ADD medication comes in different doses for different people, and for Dave, that dose is 10mg, for me, it’s 30mg. Dave was cramming for his exams and decided some Adderall could help. He popped one pill, then another, and before he knew it he climbed all the way up to 30mg. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t eat, he didn’t think… but he did focus pretty well. Dave felt so sick during his exam that he had to run to the bathroom to blow chunks. Don’t be like Dave, take the right dosage.

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