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2018 Annual MJW 3v3 for #3 Lacrosse Tournament

The McCrae James Williams Foundation is close to the hearts of many in the greater Boston prep school community. We strongly encourage you to learn about McCrae if you aren't familiar with his life story.

Come to the MJW 3v3 for #3 Lacrosse Event on Nov 23rd @ Noble & Greenough School! A great way to celebrate McCrae's love of life and lacrosse and to reconnect with friends both on and off the field. All funds raised support the McCrae James Williams Foundation and its mission to carry forward McCrae's legacy in a positive and meaningful way. Please go to the Foundation website for further details on its mission and to learn more about McCrae's life.

The McCrae James Williams Foundation hopes to bring positive change to the tragic, senseless and preventable deaths of students across the country.

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