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Submit your thoughts in community forums connecting you with other students.

Back in 2011, Twines & Vines was the first and only website dedicated to all things prep school. 


Fast-forward seven years and we are back. With all new leadership, writers, and content, we have the same mission: to bring news about everything prep school, straight to our readers.


The Twine is the prestigious web of prep schools that serves as a life-long network.


The Vine represents the long-established traditions and deliverance of news to prep schoolers.  

Twines & Vines is a multimedia platform serving to create a communal channel for preparatory boarding school students in the New England area. Through articles covering topics such as clothing, sports, and school news, among many others, we have set out to encourage dialogue and engage with students across the prep world.


We received the blessing of The Boss, the original founder of Twines & Vines back in 2011, to bring it back to its former glory. Hailing from a notable New England prep school, we have set out to revive Twines & Vines for the next generation of prep school students navigating life in the nation's most prestigious schools. We hope to see you in the Twines & Vines community soon


- The Admins


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